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Wife, and mother of three adult children, about to be a grandmother for the first time. Madly passionate about health and cooking. My daughter is convinced that there is a sixth love language and it's the language I speak - food. I've spent years singing the LCHF song and I'm excited that theres finally a choir to join. For 17 years I have tried every fad including Reductil (a weight altering drug) and failed miserably to sustain the loss of weight. Low calorie diets weren't sustainable because my body (and yours too) was desperate for nutrients, a small snack led to a bigger snack and I constantly fell off the wagon and wondered if I would ever lose the weight for good. My research led me to LCHF and the results I have achieved in health and weight loss have been undeniable. Despite the fact that I've had my Gall bladder removed and was advised to avoid high fat foods, I have thrived on this diet and seen my fatty liver disease reversed. Having reached my goal weight, whilst throughly enjoying my food and maintaining the loss, the game has changed. Are you ready to play?